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Rancher, Horse Lover and Food Enthusiast!


Hi and welcome to Calico Basin Woman. My name is Annie. I live on a ranch with my husband Gary, 2 dogs, Toby and Sasha and two horses, Comanche and Waylen.

 Since 1995, I have owned a marketing company, Advertising & Marketing Solutions, Inc. I like to be creative in photography, writing, cooking and riding horses. I am constantly cooking. People often ask me, what do you ranch Annie? I smile and say we ranch fun, food, and creativity, in many forms. I have been talking about my upcoming cookbook, Cooking in Calico Basin. To date, I have over 30 recipes. Some of my own, some from neighbors, friends and family. This site, and the cookbook are dedicated to my grateful husband. He loves that I love to cook, and he loves to eat. He is my inspiration for Calico Basin Woman.

This is the landing page for many of my favorite things to make and eat. I enjoy wine with most dinners. If you know me, you know that! Calico Basin Woman will feature more than just recipes, from time to time, you will see creative ideas a a variety of items for sale. Coming up I plan to create repurposed western items from my horse leather tack and gems.

Here is my first recipe, one of my favorite things to make and to eat. Pesto Sauce! Just place all of this in a food processor or a blender (you will do some scraping in a blender, more so than in a food processor).

  4 cups basil, loosely packed
  1 tsp salt 
  4 tablespoons pine nuts
  1 cup olive oil 
  1 cup of grated cheese, combo of asiago, romano and parmesan
  Dash of dried hot red peppers

Variation, if you like kalamata olives or any kind add half a cup!

Besides mixing this with your favorite pasta, I take crackers and spread a thin layer of cream cheese and a thing layer of the pesto sauce. This is a quick and easy appetizer.

Bon Appetit!

Check back when you can, more to come!

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